Modular Data Center Module: Utilitypod and Genpod



The Utilitypod range combines diesel generators and air-cooled chillers to provide supporting infrastructure to the associated Datapods.

Available in sizes up to 500KW, the Utilitypods also incorporate fuel storage, chilled water storage and primary pumps, as well as all control wiring and integration into the Datapod Integrated Management and Control System.




Photo 26-04-13 6 56 19 AM.jpg

The Genpod range offers low capacity diesel generator systems compatible with and fully integrated to the associated Datapods.

Available in 50KW and 150KW capacities, the canopied generators offer seamless integration into the Datapod Integrated Management and Control System.

For more details about the complete Datapod data center system download the Datapod Components Guide.

modular data center components guide