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Design your next data center | Download your Datapod App

Datapod has taken data centre innovation to new levels with the introduction of the world’s first data centre design App.

The free Datapod App for the iPad is available for download from the App Store.

Once the App is downloaded customers can start designing their next data centre.

The modular data center design App by Datapod


Customers can: 

  • Choose the number of racks
  • Choose the rack density
  • Select from different cooling options
  • Determine hot aisle access
  • Add on a ‘clean room’
  • Add power options with the addition of a Utilitypod

Once the data centre requirements have been selected the Datapod App then generates a personalised report for the customer which can be viewed as a PDF document.

The Datapod App empowers data centre designers by streamlining the design process and is a demonstration of the flexibility and scalability of the Datapod System.

The Datapod App cuts down the time required to design a data centre by helping customers better identify their needs.

The Datapod System is a leading Data Centre 2.0 modular data centre technology and is manufactured and Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT) before deployment. This means Datapod customers can have a fully operational data centre within three months of accepting a proposal.

Start designing your next data centre

Modular data center design tool App