Modular Data Center Module: Entrypod

Entrypod_looking_into_data_hall_2The Entrypod is an optional module and provides a data center clean room and administration space.

The like other Datapod modules the Entrypod is a 20’ ISO-standard fully insulated containerized data center incorporating Faraday Cage properties.

The Entrypod includes separate ‘house’ air-conditioning, glass wall separation between the datahall, and can be fitted with non-UPS backed/UPS backed general purpose outlets for power, and data outlets. 

A networked access control system can be fitted at the door to the entry into the data hall modules (Expanderpods and Starterpods).

The Entrypod is design and constructed so two or more modules can be fitted together to enable a larger clean space or administration area. 

For more details about the complete Datapod data center system download the Datapod Components Guide.

modular data center components guide