What makes the Datapod System unique among modular data center manufacturers?

Datapod are unique in offering  a complete site-infrastructure solution built from ISO-standardized building blocks, including all supporting systems such as power and cooling modules, and fire suppression. The expandable design of the Datapod module is innovative. 

By incorporating a unique removable side-wall, and designing a waterproof joining mechanism, multiple ‘pods’ can be bayed together. 

Customers can create a data center as big or small as they wish, when they wish.

The flexibility of this system now enables customers to tie their data center investments exactly to the expected business ROI, by investing in new capacity only if/when they need it. 

The opposite is also true – with some customers needing to reduce their capacity over time. The concept of ‘data centers as a service’ or DaaS is an emerging trend, as more organisations move to colocation facilities and cloud related services, Datapod enables customers to scale down and provides lease options.

Datapod has released a white paper Data Center 2.0 ‘The perfect Storm Has Arrived’, click the button below to register and download your copy.