Where would I use an Entrypod?

The Entrypod operates as an entry point which can serve a variety of functions.  By providing a staged entry area the datahall area can be kept free of dust and dirt, whilst also enhancing security by restricting entry to only authorized personnel.  All critical supporting sub-systems such as Fire Indicator Panel and VESDA systems can be located within the Entrypod for ease of access.

By programming the door locks, an Entrypod can be used to ensure that only one door is open at any one time, thereby preventing ingress of airborne contaminants (dust, rain etc.). The Entrypod is independantly air-conditioned and also includes a positive pressurisation system to provide fresh air into the datahall.  This enables a pressure differential between the two zones which aides in keeping airborne contaminents out of the datahall.  It also gives workspace that may be required where the Datapod has been located some distance from available office/workspace.  By fitting out the Entrypod as a network operations center or workstation, staff can be on hand as required.