DC2 Datapod System heads to Europe

CANBERRA, Australia: Innovative data center manufacturer Datapod announced today it has begun deploying their first export to Sweden.

Datapod began the manufacture of the Data Center 2.0 (DC2) modular data center technology two months ago and with final Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) completed one week ago, the modular data center was deconstructed and readied for export this week.

This is the first export to Sweden for Datapod and if commercial projections are correct this will be the tip of the Iceberg for the innovative company.

Datapod Managing Director Scott Carr said, “This is a wonderful result for our business and is the first step into the European market. We are global market leaders in DC2 technology and we have gained significant industry acceptance over the last two years and this will translate into significant growth for our business over the short to medium period.”

The contract win comes on top of recent deployments by Datapod for PNG ports and a number of global mining companies.

(Pictured: Datapod Directors Adam Smith (left) and Scott Carr)

Datapod Director Adam Smith said, “The export to Sweden is recognition that Datapod has developed a truly global data center solution that is more economical and quicker to deploy when compared to traditional bricks and mortar.  The flexible, scalable and sustainable approach we take to data center manufacturing provides numerous benefits for our customers, including reduced carbon emissions, and lower CAPEX and OPEX.”

The manufactured modular approach enables the Datapod to Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) the data center before deployment.

“FAT provides customers with the knowledge their data center will be enterprise grade and fully operational from day one of deployment. This approach de-risks data center investment for our customers and provides major advantages,” Mr Smith added.

The contract announcement coincides with Datapod factory tours for some of Asia-Pacific’s largest organisations and industry bodies.

Media are invited onsite to, view another Datapod System ready for shipping, and to interview Datapod Director Adam Smith at 9.30am Monday 13 May 2013 at the 84 Shepherd Street Hume ACT.


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Improved website showcases modular data center 2.0 technology

CANBERRA, Australia:  A new user friendly website featuring video content and new social media platforms is helping to drive customer engagement and propel Datapod into international markets.

The new Datapod website is designed to showcase the latest data center innovation as well as educate, inform and engage users through the use of video, online apps and provide access to a number of the latest social platforms.

The new website is part of an ongoing website improvement strategy introduced by Datapod that will continually make it easier for Datapod customers to design and deploy data centre solutions globally. Part of the ongoing website improvement is the integration of language translations, including French, German, Swedish, Bahasa, and Korean as well as others and with Mandarin to follow later this year.

The new streamlined website includes several enhancements that are functional and interactive.  Clearer navigation to the latest company and product information as well as accessing the latest Datapod Design App, and Datapod social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube means customers can engage on their terms.

Datapod Marketing and Communications Manager Gordon Watson said, “The new Datapod website is part of a wider strategy aimed at taking Datapod from being the best kept modular data hall secret to a global mainstream Data Center 2.0 solution provider for leading organisations.”

“We are very excited about sharing our updated website, it empowers the data center community to find real-time solutions to their unique challenges,” Mr Watson added.

More importantly, the Datapod website will be continually enhanced to allow our customers to better access information and do business with the company both domestically and internationally.

Datapod is a leading engineer and solution provider of energy efficient Data Centre 2.0 modular data center infrastructure products, professional services and technical support internationally. Data Centre 2.0 technology is widely accepted as the next phase of the data centre evolution which is faster to deploy, modular in nature, integrated by design, and manufactured to be more efficient and sustainable.

The new Datapod website can be found at


Modular Data Centre Manufacturer Open for Factory Tours

International delegations and some of Australia’s largest organisations are being amazed by the factory inspections offered by modular data centre manufacturer Datapod.

Datapod’s manufactured modular data centre designs means  CIO’s can ‘right-size’ their data centre needs in real time enabling organisations to better adapt to the rapid advances in the data centre industry and avoid being trapped by old and out dated technologies.

The revolutionary Datapod approach has caught the eye of leading organisations from around Australia and the world and in recent weeks Datapod opened their doors to their Hume factory in Canberra, Australia to allow CIO’s a behind the scenes look at the cutting edge system.

The factory visits allow customers to see how this technology can reduce environmental impacts as well as significantly reduce operational costs when compared to traditional data centre design.

Datapod Director Adam Smith said, “This is the first time we have opened our site and encouraged CIO’s to come and inspect our test facilities and the initiative has been warmly embraced. Representatives from government and industry are keen to see how we have engineered the Datapod System for optimum energy efficiency and how the award-winning design enables the system to be mass manufactured, factory tested and deployed within three months.”

“We are literally having clients leaving our facilities wide-eyed with amazement. Once customers see how easily the  Datapod modules can be combined and reconfigured over time to create more efficient, flexible and robust data centre facilities or data parks, that is when the penny drops so to speak,” added Mr Smith.


New Datapod App Streamlines Data Centre Design

CIO’s from around the world can now design their own data centres and produce a personalised proposal within minutes thanks to a new App released by innovative international data centre manufacturer, Datapod.

The Datapod App enables CIO’s to design their own data centre and Datapod Founder and Director Scott Carr said the new App is another way Datapod is better servicing the needs of the industry.

The free Datapod App for the iPad is available for download from the App Store. Once the App is downloaded customers can start designing their next data centre.

Using the Datapod App customers have a number of data centre design options from which to choose, including how many racks, the density, the type of cooling and build in redundancies as well as other infrastructure.

Once the data centre requirements have been selected the App then generates a personalised report for the customer which can be viewed as a PDF document.

The Datapod App empowers data centre designers by streamlining the design process.

“The Datapod App is an extension of the efficient modular Datapod system. The App cuts down the time required to design a data centre by helping customers better identify their needs. Better still, because our modular data centres are manufactured and tested before deployment our customers can have a fully operational data centre within three months of accepting a proposal,” Mr Carr said.


International Design Award for Datapod

International Design Award for Datapod

Global data centre manufacturer Datapod has won an Australian International Design Award for excellence in innovation and design in the Business and Technology category.

It is the first time in the event’s history that a data centre design has received this award.

The Datapod System is a set of pre-manufactured infrastructure modules that combine to create a complete data centre facility but at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time that it would normally take to construct such a facility.

This pre-manufactured approach allows Datapod to offer its clients a quality assured outcome that is standard and pretested prior to delivery.

The system is designed to achieve very high energy efficiency for mission critical ICT technology. It includes environment monitoring, backup generators and cooling and also includes state of the art technology licensed from APC by Schneider Electric.

The Australian International Design Awards Director Stephanie Pemberton said the judges were impressed and praised the Datapod’s well organised components and sturdy construction which made maintaining and deployment easy.

The Australian International Design Awards has been rewarding design and innovation excellence in Australia for more than fifty years. Since 1991, the Australian International Design Awards has been a division of Standards Australia, a strong knowledge-based organisation committed to improving the quality of life through its support of excellence in professional product design. Over this time, Standards Australia has proven its commitment to the cause by taking a lead role in design assessment and promotion in Australia.

The Datapod System is up to 50% more energy efficient than traditional bricks and mortar data centres. This dramatically reduces the energy costs and carbon footprint of the facility, which is an increasingly important factor for the data centre market worldwide.

The Datapod System has the added benefit of being modular which means the Datapods can simply be clipped together as data centre capacity requirements increase. This patent pending feature significantly reduces the amount of upfront investment required to build a data centre because investment can be made in small increments as required.

Datapod Director Scott Carr is very pleased to win the award, “The award is wonderful recognition for the entire team at Datapod. We set out to engineer the world’s best data centre solution and I think that winning this award demonstrates we have a achieved a quality product.”

“The Datapod System really does represent a leap forward in data centre design and although I think we have the best product on the market today, our product roadmap doesn’t end here.”

“We’re currently in planning with the Australian National University on a collaborative research and development program that we expect will further improve the way energy is utilised and managed in our data centres.”

Since the Datapod System launch in August 2009, it has been described as the ultimate data centre design because the modular approach means it is capable of keeping pace with the rapidly expanding capacity requirements of a modern computing environment.

The synergies between Standards Australia and the Australian International Design Awards have never been stronger. For companies to design and develop internationally competitive products, they must first practice standards compliance, followed by professional design.

Standards Australia sets standards of quality in manufactured goods, the Australian International Design Awards raises the standards by encouraging excellence in product design.


Datapod wins prestigious Ingram Micro Rising Star Award

A company which makes a data centre system that clicks together like lego has won the 2009 Annual Ingram Micro Rising Star Award (ACT) at a recent presentation luncheon in Sydney. Datapod was selected from a field of 20 companies participating.

The award caps off a successful year for Datapod Australia which earlier this year launched their Datapod System with supporting partner APC by Schneider Electric.

Supported by APC and Datapod Pty Ltd, the Datapod project also involves a number of Australian companies in key design, manufacturing and testing activities.

Market research forecasts that the Datapod solution could generate up to $150 million in export revenue in its first five years and create up to 30 new Australian jobs in a technology intensive, export-oriented and ‘green’ industry.

Datapod has quickly become recognised as an innovative provider of data centre infrastructure and support services in the Information Technology Industry.

The Datapod system utilises APC’s InfraStruXure data centre architecture and APC’s highly energy-efficient Hot Aisle Containment System and InRow Cooling solutions.

Datapod Pty Ltd also plans to develop new chiller technology that will further reduce electricity consumption of electric-powered data centre chillers by up to 50 per cent.

Datapod Managing Director Scott Carr says, “This award is great recognition for our business, and a reward for all of the hard work our team has carried out over the last two years. The Datapod System is the only data centre which can clip together and grow with as an organisation’s data needs increase, and because the system can be quickly deployed our customers save time and money.”

Ingram Micro Inc. is the world’s largest technology distributor and a leading technology sales, marketing and logistics company and is the only global distributor operating in the Asia Pacific region.

Datapod were among 10 award winners at the awards luncheon.

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