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Datapod: Modular Data Center Blog


In this blog post we take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Datapod’s modular data center system. Pictured Right: Datapod Director Adam Smith fields some frequently asked questions at a recent Datapod Factory Tour. WHO IS

5 Differences Between Modular and Traditional Data Centers

Data center technology is at the center of the mobile, cloud, information and social media economy. We know the data center is a location housing servers and communication systems enabling businesses to run websites, cloud based software and other information and

Five Things CIOs And IT Directors Look For In A Data Center

5 things CIOs look for in a data center In today’s world, unfettered and uninterrupted access to data and applications is a mission-critical part of business. As CIOs consider how to address their enterprise data center needs, the discussion often

Data center needs of public utilities

Power companies, gas and water utilities rely increasingly on services arranged in “smart grids.” Advanced metering and service distribution around the grid can generate huge amounts of data. Once the data processing system is fully developed utilities will be able

Datapod factory tours allow IT executives to test drive their next data center

During the month of July modular data center maker, Datapod, opened their factory doors to allow industry representatives to have a close up look at the unique system. IT Directors, Data Center Mangers and Project Officers from a number of

Free Data Center Cooling Video

Cooling is essential to an energy efficient data center. Watch this video to see how Datapod maximizes data center cooling performance, energy efficiency and overall resilience of the cooling systems. Green Grid recently published survey results on the use of

Multi story modular data center is flexible and scalable

When space for data center infrastructure is at a premium there is only one place to go and that is up and this is one way Datapod is helping customers in urban areas to overcome the challenges of high real

Data center services: Integrated Systems Testing and ongoing data center management

This is the final post in our Datapod data center consultancy and services blog series. In this blog post we look at the following Datapod services: Integrated Systems TestingOn Site Support and Management The Datapod Integrated Systems Testing service is

Modular v’s containerized data centers

Modular and containerized data centers are not new but there still can be confusion in the market place as to what is the difference is and what is the best solution. Put simply both are good products depending on the


The Datapod Assembly Service is a key part of an overall modular data center deployment and part of a other data center services offered by Datapod. Once your Datapod System has been factory assembled and factory acceptance tested, with you

Data Center Consultant Services: Site Preparation Services

Site preparation is critical to any deployment and Datapod provides this service as part of a full life cycle of data center management services. Whether contained in a building or in and external environment each modular data center deployment poses

Data center consultant: Installation and consultancy services

Datapod offers a range of modular data center consultant services.  This blog series looks at each stage of a Datapod deployment and the associated services we offer and this blog specifically looks at the Installation Consultancy Service.  The data center

Data center industry’s Model-T moment

Modular data center manufacturer, Datapod, is leading the way when it comes to data center standardisation and production with the approach being touted as the data center industry’s Model-T Ford moment and compared to the way that model changed the

Datapod’s modular data center: Chilled water and direct expansion cooling

This video from Datapod demonstrates the chilled water (CW) and direct expansion (DX) configurations in our modular data center system. The video also shows how Datapod can achieve both designs as well as the versatility of the system with added

Datapod data center energy efficiency and free cooling

This article on data center free cooling is a follow up to ENERGY EFFICIENT DATA CENTER: KEY FACTORS IN MODULAR EFFICIENCY published early this month on the Datapod Blog. In this blog we take a look at free cooling and

Datapod data center construction featured in Panduit case study

Datapod’s world –leading approach to modular data center construction and deployment has been recognized in a new case study released by global partner Panduit. The data center case study outlines the how Datapod and Panduit work together to deliver a

Data center knowledge at the heart of two year safety record

Energy efficient data center manufacturer, Datapod, says data center knowledge is at the heart of their record on safety which this week celebrates two years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI). Datapod is leading the way when it comes to

Energy Efficient Data Center: Key factors in modular efficiency

Modular data center infrastructure has become synonymous with energy efficiency with companies like Facebook and Google incorporating a modular approach into delivering better and more energy efficient services than ever before. But what is it about a modular data center

Infographics used to myth bust in the data center industry

Innovative modular data center manufacturer, Datapod, has recently started releasing infographics designed to dispel common myths about modular data centers. Leveraging from the hashtag #ModularDataCenterMythBuster the infographics are being released by Datapod through their popular social media channels. Datapod’s Marketing

Modular Data Center solution for Australian data retention laws

The Australian Government is pressing ahead with metadata retention laws similar to those introduced by the United Kingdom last year and Datapod is poised to be a key solution. The result of the new laws will mean more investment will