Free Data Center Cooling Video

Cooling is essential to an energy efficient data center.

Watch this video to see how Datapod maximizes data center cooling performance, energy efficiency and overall resilience of the cooling systems.

Green Grid recently published survey results on the use of natural or free cooling in data centers and the survey found that half of respondents are now using natural cooling to save on energy costs and 25% are considering adopting the free cooling data center methods in the future.

To learn more about the Datapod System download the Datapod Systems Guide.

Download the Datapod Panduit Case Study

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[…] Use the latest data centre design: Utilise best practices in modular data centre design and redundancy to maximize availability. There are a number of proven best practices that serve as a good foundation for data center design and redundancy and these are available as an off the shelf option, from a modular data centre manufacturer like Datapod, including power and cooling options. […]