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Green Data Center

Datapod has created a new paradigm in by designing a environmentally sustainable data center.

The modular Datapod System is a true green data center solution with energy efficiency and flexibility at the heart of the award winning design.

What makes the Datapod System a green data center solution?

The Datapod System achieves world’s best practice energy utilization by integrating three key design components.

These design components include:

1.    ‘Click together’ design’. 

The click together modular design of the Datapod System means Datapod customers can ‘right-size’ their data center needs and add extra Datapods as their data needs grow.

This efficient use of resources significantly reduces your upfront investment, as well as ongoing support and operating costs:  Embedded energy is minimized by reducing the overall size of the system and it’s supporting infrastructure, and running costs stay low by avoiding wasteful over-deployments.

2.    Hot-Aisle Containment and Cold-Aisle Containment combined.

Datapod use a Hot-Aisle Containment System (HACS) to improve the efficiency of the cooling systems by close-coupling the heat-capture to the source of the heat. The Datapod goes one step further to further boost  energy efficiency by effectively creating a Cold-Aisle Containment System (CACS) which further improves efficiency outcomes.

The pairing of these two approaches has created a more efficient design, as heat dissipated by your IT systems can be effectively ‘captured’, whilst cool air created is efficiently channeled to where it is needed enabling the data center operator to run racks at up to thirty five kilowatts each compared to the two to three kilowatts per rack typical of traditional data centers.

3.    Less water use.

Water conservation is an important design feature of the Datapod System. The Utilitypod can include a waterside economizer option that can be used in cold climates to dramatically improve the overall energy efficiency of the cooling system.

If the outside ambient temperature falls below the dew point, then the Utilitypod automatically diverts warm water returning from the InRow coolers through to an outside heat exchanger. This has the effect of precooling the water before it arrives at the chillers and thereby reduces the work required by refrigeration units. In cold climates the waterside economizer can completely eliminate any work required by the refrigeration units.

The Utilitypod chiller design employs dry condenser units so that a Datapod System consumes zero water. This is in stark contrast to the traditional data center facilities of comparable size which can consume over 22kL per day. The use of closed water loop ‘dry’ radiators rather than evaporative ‘wet’ cooling towers eliminates water consumption.

Other sustainable innovations include:

Recycled components means less embodied emissions.
The steel construction of the Datapod System is completely recyclable and further reduces the embodied emissions when compared to a typical brick-and-mortar data center constructed project.

Smart insulation and energy efficient lighting.
The Datapod System features heavily insulated walls, ceiling and floors as well as LED lighting to optimize energy efficiency and without compromising quality.

The sustainable design of Datapod System means better resource allocation, less energy and water use and overall better performance with less carbon emissions over lifetime of the data center.