Modular Data Center Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the Datapod System? Chances are you may find the answer here in our FAQ’s.

Datapod is a multinational engineering firm focusing on innovation within the global data center market. Formed in 2007 specifically to address the needs of clients wishing to maintain their data centers in-house, Datapod soon recognised the benefits of a fully end-to-end modular ‘building-block’ approach to data center infrastructure. Developing a modular, scalable and interoperable set of data center building blocks, the system has been designed over several build-generations enabling users to realise the benefits of standardisation, manufacturing efficiencies and reduced time to deployment.

Datapod are unique in offering  a complete site-infrastructure solution built from ISO-standardized building blocks, including all supporting systems such as power and cooling modules, and fire suppression. The expandable design of the Datapod module is innovative. 

By incorporating a unique removable side-wall, and designing a waterproof joining mechanism, multiple ‘pods’ can be bayed together. 

Customers can create a data center as big or small as they wish, when they wish.

The flexibility of this system now enables customers to tie their data center investments exactly to the expected business ROI, by investing in new capacity only if/when they need it. 

The opposite is also true – with some customers needing to reduce their capacity over time. The concept of ‘data centers as a service’ or DaaS is an emerging trend, as more organisations move to colocation facilities and cloud related services, Datapod enables customers to scale down and provides lease options.

Datapod has released a white paper Data Center 2.0 ‘The perfect Storm Has Arrived’, click the button below to register and download your copy.

The Datapod System provides the complete suite of site infrastructure sub-systems including IT-, facility and structural centric infrastructure systems for the day to day operation of your data center.

The Datapod System includes seven main building blocks, and the packaged services required to deploy and support these blocks.

The central component of any deployment will be the unique ‘Connection Node’.

The Connection Node could be described as a ‘plant room in a box’, because it contains all the connection points and services typically found in the plant room of a commercial building. 

Once deployed onsite, the necessary services (mains power, generator power, chilled/condenser water, datacomms and network links can all be connected.

The backup generator and chillers to run the air-conditioning systems are incorporated in the Utilitypod, which feeds into the Connection Node.

The Connection Node then supplies these services into the first of the Datapod data center building-blocks – known as the Starterpod.

Then ‘Expanderpod’ building blocks can be added to give the customer the capacity and space they require.

To complete the data center space, the ‘Endpod’ is added. In some areas where climatic or environmental conditions dictate, an ‘Entrypod’ gives the facility an added degree of protection against unwanted elements entering the data center.

The Entrypod can also provide additional desk, storage or burn-in space. 

To see how all of the Datapods can be used together, download the Datapod App from the App Store.

As each of the Expanderpod building blocks extends the IT capacity of the system, additional UPS and battery modules are incorporated. These are installed into the UPS chassis housed in the Starterpod, increasing power capacity and battery run time in accordance with the new rack capacity being added.

The Datapod System can be designed in minutes using the Datapod App, and then submitted to Datapod for review and validation.

The Datapod App will generate your configuration-specific purchase quote, and once ordered, the system can be built in 12-18 weeks. 

Installation onsite will be complete within a few days. Similarly, expansion of the system will take a similar time to complete.

The Datapod System is designed for external deployment, but is equally at-home undercover or in a building or other urban location. 

The site must be level, and capable of supporting the weight and point-load of the modular system.

Upon ordering a system, Datapod will attend site to conduct a site inspection and report on the suitability of the proposed site.

Remedial work may be recommended prior to the delivery of the Datapod System.

There are no climatic or environmental limitations to where a Datapod can be deployed, the Datapod System is lightning and cyclone proof and can operate in a wide variety of harsh climate zones.

The customer will need to provide access to the site for the Datapod field service staff to allow them to assess the site.

Attention will be paid to suitability of the surface, access to the site, provision of adequate utility services and security. Once the site inspection service report is completed, the customer will need to act on recommendations in the report in order to be suitably prepared for the delivery and installation work.

These remediation works may be provided by Datapod.

Yes. If the customer has deployed a Starterpod, or Starterpod and Expanderpod(s), by removing the side wall (the ‘long’ wall of the module), additional Expanderpod(s) or an Endpod can be added. 

During this process the system can remain operational – it is not necessary to shut down the Datapod system to expand.

The Datapod System is designed within ISO-certified module dimensions for the purposes of tapping into the global freight and shipping industry, but that is where the similarities to the ubiquitous box end.  The modular design and the use of the award-winning APC InrowTM cooling systems means the waste heat from the racks is captured immediately by adjacent ‘in-row’ cooling units. Coupled with a Hot-Aisle-Containment system to ensure 100% of the exhaust heat is captured, making the Datapod System an energy efficient, environmentally friendly data center.

The all-weather proof Datapod achieves a low PUE with less energy required to cool the IT load on the inside. Better still the steel skin of the Datapod is recyclable when decommissioned.

The Entrypod operates as an entry point which can serve a variety of functions.  By providing a staged entry area the datahall area can be kept free of dust and dirt, whilst also enhancing security by restricting entry to only authorized personnel.  All critical supporting sub-systems such as Fire Indicator Panel and VESDA systems can be located within the Entrypod for ease of access.

By programming the door locks, an Entrypod can be used to ensure that only one door is open at any one time, thereby preventing ingress of airborne contaminants (dust, rain etc.). The Entrypod is independantly air-conditioned and also includes a positive pressurisation system to provide fresh air into the datahall.  This enables a pressure differential between the two zones which aides in keeping airborne contaminents out of the datahall.  It also gives workspace that may be required where the Datapod has been located some distance from available office/workspace.  By fitting out the Entrypod as a network operations center or workstation, staff can be on hand as required.

The various Datapod units feature in-built Racks, UPS and Inrow cooling units, configurable to achieve a variety of redundancy levels.

Additional redundancy can be achieved either by using a 2N Starterpod with dual UPSes or by using dual-Starterpods, thereby doubling the UPS capacity and achieving a highly resilient 2(N+1) power system, as well as redundant cooling pipework for the N+1 Inrow cooling units. All equipment racks within the Datapod range ship with dual/redundant rackmount PDU’s.

The Datapod System can be deployed in a density configuration suited to the customers’ requirements and is hot-scalable once in the field. For example a Datapod System deployed with an average rack density of 7kW can be hot-scaled to 15kW per rack. Likewise, a 15kW average rack density Datapod can be hot-scaled, to 30kW per rack without interruption to services.

The Datapod System itself is inherently secure, however security and monitoring enhancements can be selected. These include: 

  • Physical security properties of a steel safe – upgradable to mil spec,
  • Provides the perfect faraday cage – signals and data shall remain secure even against EMP and evesdropping.,
  • Internal and external cameras,
  • Enhanced door and lock (Bilock) options,
  • Prox-card and magnetic lock options,
  • Perimeter fence or wall (site specific, on request).

All Datapod Systems include our Integrated Monitoring and Control (IMCS) which is a ModBUS -based device management appliance and offering local and remote access to performance data of the entire system.  Furthermore, the IMCS system can extend to integrate into other client systems, and can be supplemented by a range of industry Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) packages for further pro-active analysis on the performance of system.

Customers’ Datapod(s) can be arranged in any configuration from a few modules that make up 10kW to 10MW+ data center for location/relocation on any ground – indoors or out, in any condition, subject only to available land and power.

Yes. Datapods can be stacked three-high to make the best use of your available space.

External flooring platforms, stairing, elevators and cladding can be erected to enable the ‘instant data center’. Furthermore, by utilising the ‘Entrypod’ with removable doors at each end, two separate Datapod Systems can be co-joined to create an endless containerised facility.

All Datapod Systems, infrastructure systems and all sub-assemblies included within the Datapod System carry a 12 month warranty.

A 12 month onsite support contract, including periodic preventative maintenance visits is included. Warranty, onsite support and preventative maintenance can be extended upon request.

Simply contact Sales Director Adam Smith on +61 1300 724 405 or visit our contact us page.

To arrange a factory tour or to attend a Datapod lunch and learn session contact Datapod  on +61 1300 72 44 05 or click on the link below.

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