Single Module ‘Projectpod’ systems discontinued as customers preference multi-module systems

With customers increasingly opting for the flexibility of a scalable architecture Datapod have decided to withdraw from sale the single module ‘Projectpod’ systems.  Whilst the non-scalable Projectpod’s met a certain niche requirement where a small number of low-density racks was required, they came with limitations that restricted their application.  Some customers found the lack of space a restriction where building code approvals were required for permanent deployments.  The lack of a spacious pre-conditioned work zone separate from the datahall was also missed by customers who had experience of both the scalable and non-scalable systems.

As customers have become aware of the benefits of the un-restricted scaling ability of the Datapod system it has become the predominant choice.  Most customers also view their Datapod system as a permanent deployment  meaning that they expect and require functionality equal to or exceeding that of a ‘brick & mortar’ facility.  Existing Projectpod work-in-progress will be completed and the production line migrated to scalable Datapod modules.